Supporting Employers with Real-Time Benefits Compliance Information

Today’s HR teams need help navigating the complex and rapidly changing employee benefits landscape. This page provides a few examples of how Businessolver responded to employers’ urgent need for guidance in the wake of the pandemic. COVID Relief Bill Explained Webinar: Planned, promoted and executed within 11 days of the president signing the bill into law, this webinar was attended by 1,016 benefits professionals—a 64% attendance rate among 1,597 registrants. Special Compliance Webinar: COBRA & FSA Relief: Planned, promoted and executed within 19 days of complex and somewhat conflicting guidance from Washington, this webinar was attended by 673 clients—a 79% attendance rate among 853 registrants. Brews with Bruce: No Surprises Act: In this installment of the Brews with Bruce bi-weekly social media broadcast, Businessolver Head of Compliance Bruce Gillis speaks with legal and benefits experts about how the No Surprises Act protects patients from previously unforeseeable or unavoidably high medical costs. While the primary audience for these efforts is benefits administrators, the real winners are the employees they serve. By helping HR teams understand their responsibilities under a myriad of quickly evolving regulations, their employees’ rights are preserved and their privacy protected.